Casa del Campo Guest House - Hidden Treasure in the California Gold Country
Catherine Ione-Perkins is a brilliant designer of clothing, costume and textiles.
  Native to California, Catherine holds a Masters Degree in Fine Arts, and she is an award-winning theatrical costume designer.  A co-creator of the Casa, Catherine not only does brilliant work with fabric and tile, but she also pursues a passion for re-imagining textiles, clothing and home accessories through her exclusive Flop House brand of products.  For more about Catherine, please visit her website at

Peter Perkins, a native of New England, is a geologist, teacher, writer and artist.  Drawn to the challenge of any task at hand, and finding great satisfaction in a job well done, Peter can be found always on the move at the Casa, roaming the landscape in search of new ways to innovate and create in this peaceful and whimsical place.

Boo and Marley Perkins are our loving and lovely "unofficial" therapy dogs.  Both were rescued and are intent on providing you with the dog-away-from-home experience.  There is never a dull moment with these two characters in town!  Truly, our best friends and definitely the most people-centered pooches we have ever had.

The Casa del Campo is truly a statement, and an encouraging example, of what imagination and risk-taking can lead one to in turning just an old house into a kitschy and vibrant home.
Christmas Cookies!!
Busy bees in the garden!           
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