Casa del Campo Guest House - Hidden Treasure in the California Gold Country
Fifteen years ago Peter Perkins and Catherine Ione-Perkins came upon their present day home, the Casa del Campo--a diamond in the rough located at the end of a quiet country lane near Grass Valley, California.  Comprised of a main house, a guest house and a variety of out buildings, set on several acres featuring open spaces and old growth forest, the property had the bones of greatness--it just needed some loving and purposeful attention.  With the creative inspiration of a brilliant local craftsman, the willingness to learn and innovate, and no small amount of artistic vision on their part, Peter and Catherine undertook the process of transforming the houses and land, room by room, outdoor space by outdoor space, into a unique and exciting testimony to what is possible with sincere good intention.  Still a work in progress, the Casa is a vibrant canvas, constantly evolving--a spiritual place of positive energy, a fun and relaxing place to rest and plan each day.

The Aviary Deck.

                                  Recycled mirror mural in the front entry.
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